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About Meta Tag Generator

The meta taga generator tool allows you to easily create vaild meta tag markup code which you can include in your website that will be accepted by Google.

In order for Google to crawl and index your website and correctly so it appears in the search engine results it much be provided with the correctly, formatted Meta tag code

which appear in the head of your website site.

How Does The Meta Tag Generator Tool Work

The meta tag generator tool is really simple to use. All your need to do is complete all the fields shown in the meta tag generator form.

Once you have completed all the fields select the generator meta tags button to generate the code. Once you have generated the code you can copy and past the

code in to the <head> </head> area of your website so that Google can access, crawl and index your website correcly.

Why Should You Use The Meta Tag Generator Tool

  1. Every website needs meta tags
  2. Google needs meta tags to index, crawl and rank your website.
  3. Using correctly formatted meta tag markup code can help Google crawl, index and understand your website
  4. Meta tag code helps Google understand your website and rank the website