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About Keyword Position Checker

The keyword checker, or serps checker is a free to use tool which allows you to check the keyword position in Google and Yahoo for a number of keywords

How Does The Keyword Checker Tool Work

To use the serps checker tool just enter the website domain and the keywords you want to rank for in Google. Once your have entered your website domain address and upto

5 keywords you want to rank for the tools will check the serps for the top 50 results to see if your website ranks for a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Why Should You Use The Keyword Checker Tool

When you check the serps for your keyword position in Google using your computer the resuls maybe cached by your browser or based on your geo location and personalized to you.

This free tool removes the personalization, Geo location or browser cache and does an independent check to give you the real position of your keywords in the serps for Google and Yahoo.