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Keyword Density Checker

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About Keyword Density Checker

This free keyword density tool will review a document or text you copy and paste into the tool and tell you how many times a keyword appears in the text and position the keyword appear

in the text or content you have created. Based on this review the tool will tell the keyword density of the document in (%) percentage terms.

There is no single keyword density percentage for a given page or website.

Each search query is unique & search engines compare documents against other top documents to determine some of their specific thresholds including keyword density.

How Does The Keyword Density Tool Work

This tool is really easy to use, just enter the website address or url for the specific document you with to reivew and the tools will visit the website or document and provide you with the following informaiton,

  1. Total number of keywords included in the document of domain
  2. List of all the keywords included in the domain or document.
  3. Number of times the keyword appears in the document or domain
  4. The keyword density for the keyword at the domain or included in the document.