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About Domain Age Checker

One factor used by Google to determine how to rank a website is the age of the website domain.

If we website was registered 6 months ago compared to a website registered 5 years ago offering the same servcie, which website would you trust?

The website with a 5 year track record for providing customers with a great service or the website with 6 months history. 

Google uses the same concept, yes spammers will also rank on the first page for a few months but the site which have been around for years offering a great service should in theory rank

higher and also have a stable ranking position in Google compared to the website which was registered 6 months ago.

How Does The Domain Age Checker Tool Work

The free domain age tool will quickly tell you when a domain was created, and when it was last updated. Simply enter the URL you wish to analyze and hit enter.

Why Should You Use The Domain Age Checker Tool

  1. If your thinking about buying a website or domain its useful to know when the domain was registered.
  2. The tool is free to use and won't cost you a dollar to use it.